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New to SYMPAQ?

Are you looking for accounting, timekeeping and expense reporting software that is:

  • Already packed with those features most needed by government contractors without the need for expensive customization?
  • Easy to learn and easy to use?
  • Adaptable and flexible?
  • Modular and scalable?
  • Designed for rapid deployment at a fair price?
  • Compliant with federal government cost reporting requirements?

Years of Experience

Aldebaron serves its clients by mitigating accounting related challenges associated with federal contract audits. Our staff is well versed in the Defense Contract Audit Agency's contract cost accounting requirements and we strive to understand your particular needs and concerns. Implementations of SYMPAQ have been reviewed by the DCAA and accepted in all cases.

What is SYMPAQ?

SYMPAQ SQL is a FAR-compliant cost accounting system that enables unmatched flexibility for the reporting of activities. SYMPAQ eTX is a Web-based timesheet and expense system that fully meets the DCAA's time reporting regulations. SYMPAQ's publisher - Aldebaron - is focused on delivering reliable cost accounting, timekeeping and expense reporting solutions to labor-intensive federal government contractors and not-for-profit organizations in search of fully compliant, standards-based, project accounting software.

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